The exhibition at the 2019 AFRICA GLOBAL FINANCE AND ACCOUNT SUMMIT (AGFAS) will provide an excellent platform for participating companies and organizations to showcase their Finance and ICT products and services, understand more about the global digital goals, and learn how they can support each other through close cooperation and mutual benefit.

Key Highlights of the Exhibition
1. Pavilions from exhibitors, companies or organizations will be present at the exhibition.
2. Innovative and diversified products and services will be showcased along with live demos.
3. B2B platform for the exhibitors. One-on-one business meetings and interactions will be finalized based on registration preferences for selected verticals as well as on-the-spot registrations.
4. Participants are offered an opportunity to understand FinTech, digital currency and IT industry better through the exhibition and its related networking activities.

Participation for Exhibition: The entire financial and ICT community including corporate, diplomats, ambassadors, industrialists, NGOs, and students will be present.

For details information, contact:
Orshi Terhemba Ephraim AAT, ACILRM, ACA
Phony: +2348063569341 & +2348094860494
Email: (copy:

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