Godphraim Integrated Services (GIS)


Our mission statement is to ensure that we provide the right resources at the right time to maximize our clients’ business potential taking into consideration the constant technological change of the business ecosystem, thereby building a technical society.


To be a preferred “Specialized” Consulting, Research and Development Services Company and Strategic Partner for Business Transformation, Performance Improvement, Capability Development, wealth creation and Continuous Improvement by building a network of consultants and researchers covering our core business areas who will respond at a single call on our clients request globally.


We hold ourselves accountable to a very high standard of behavior. We will always focus on doing the right thing regardless of how it sells. Our core values, the cornerstone of our organization, will continue to guide future growth. They are:

      1. Client-centered
      2. Integrity and accuracy
      3. Flexibility and accessibility
      4. Success-driven

Our professional ethics will form the basis for our cooperation with our clients. We regard our relationship with the client as a long term partnership which enables us to provide expert advice. Our composition provides us with the necessary flexibility to meet staffing requirements of virtually any nature during an engagement or assignment.


The core areas of our operation would be:

Consultancy Services:

Design, establish, conduct, provide and perform technical and consultancy services in areas of; strategy, management and business, operations, investment and finance, education,  hospitality, human resource, information technology and informatics and related consultancy services for any person, firm or body corporate, government, public or local authority or any other organization whatsoever in Nigeria, Africa and abroad.

Education, Research and Development:

Carry on education (formal and informal), academic training and professional training, and also engage in research and development in all available areas of interest as maybe directed by Management and the Company Directors from time to time considering the diversity of societal needs within Nigeria, Africa and abroad.

Information Technology and Informatics:

Carry on information technology and informatics business inclusive of imports, exports, distribution, sales, maintenance services in Nigeria, Africa and Abroad.

Investment, Finance and Asset Management:

Carry on business of a holding and an investment company, managing securities and other assets for investment purpose, for the company and on behalf of its clients, in order to meet specified investment goals for the benefits of the company or its investors. Investment will be in physical assets, intangible assets or financial assets. The function will be carryout in Nigeria, Africa and or abroad.

General Trade:

Carry on the business as importer, exporter, buyers, lessers, and sellers of and dealers in all types of components and equipments necessary for attaining the objects of the company.


Africa Global Forum (AGF) Division

This Division is created to forester course for education, literacy, scientific, social, sustainable, peace, development or charitable purpose in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030 (Global Goals 2030). The activities of this Division will include:

    1. Africa Global Finance and Account Summit (AGFAS),
    2. Africa Global Education Summit (AGES),
    3. Africa Global Impact Hub (AGIH) – Research and Development Platform,
    4. ICT and Development Summit or Conference,
    5. Start-up, Entrepreneurship, Investment, Peace and Development Summit or Conference etc.

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